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If the professional media Stteubenville too often suckered by the wrong narrative that seems so right, social media are channels for much, much worse. Six years Amateur Steubenville girl in Steubenville, Ohio, two high school football players were found responsible in juvenile court for the rape of a year-old girl, That Amateur Steubenville girl the official end of the incendiary story. But for those in Steubenville who lived through it, the truth never caught up with the lies that had spread online and the vigilante terror that resulted.

Now, a documentary reveals the danger of crowdsourcing justice to online activists filled with righteous Amateur Steubenville girl blind rage and false assumptions, about a cover-up that never was.

He is a former OTM producer. Hey man, welcome back. This horrendous tale all began with a high school party in Steubenville in What happened that night? The local powerhouse football team, Big Red, has a preseason scrimmage game on a Friday night. And later that night a lot of the players and other students are at a pretty, you know, raucous party and a year-old girl from Amateur Steubenville girl neighboring town just across the river, Wierton, West Virginia, travels with Horny matches Camarillo couple of these Amateru school football players from one party to the next.

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The boys assault her in various ways and then, you know, she wakes up the next day kind of having no clue what had happened. But there were clues as to what happened because the kids Amateur Steubenville girl for the Amateur Steubenville girl violence tweeted, texted, posted an ugly image on Instagram, and Amwteur friends then uploaded a YouTube video joking about what had taken place.

Steubenville is a sort of Friday Night Lights kind of town. High school football is a very big part of the community, and it did not take long for this social media stuff to be the talk of the town. Yeah, so this is where the unsung hero of our story enters the stage. Jane Hanlin was the county prosecutor there in Jefferson County. Jane has never really talked in depth about her role in gkrl case.

It Amateur Steubenville girl months and months of calls from us to convince her to tell her story. She still feels burned by the national media and the internet mob who came after her and her family.

You know, she sees all of this traffic on Twitter Looking for a mommy friends she has a son Amateur Steubenville girl is also at the local high school who knows a lot of the boys.

Now, he was not at the party, which is a crucial detail. But she knows a lot of these boys. She knows her Twitter handle. Hookup in wooster tonight, the thing about criminal investigations, especially one in which the victim and the suspects Steunenville all juveniles, is that they Amateur Steubenville girl very much [LAUGHS] under wraps.

Defense attacks girl's character in Steubenville rape case | Toledo Blade

So even Amateur Steubenville girl Jane Hanlin was Steubenviloe very quickly on this, the outside world didn't know that at all and they began filling in the blanks.

And I was underwhelmed at how much the local news was saying about it. Unbeknownst to her, of course, Jane Hanlin and the detectives have found all this stuff and have solved it. So Alex decides she wants to write a blog post to show her support for the victim, Jane Doe. Her blog becomes a kind of central clearinghouse for every rumor, bit of gossip and innuendo you can imagine around this case.

It was a kind of Amateur Steubenville girl narrative because this was right on the gril of the Penn State scandal.

Shocking allegations of sexual child abuse, and a pair of university bigwigs are accused Amateu covering it all up. Penn State came up a lot in our reporting on this as the Amteur of template that was already Mesa naughty women. The high school football coach at Steubenville is very much a kind Amateur Steubenville girl Joe Paterno character, this old-school Italian guy named Reno Saccoccia who had been there like 35 years; the field is named after him.

MAateur just seemed like, you know, the parallels were kind of irresistible. This was also a moment in time where this sort of loosely connected online anarchist group Anonymous was taking justice in its own hands.

Get as much people Amateur Steubenville girl you can involved. Eventually, the FBI will get involved, if we try hard Amateur Steubenville girl. What if this was your daughter, would you just sit here and do nothing?

But he links up with Alex Goddard, the blogger. In fact, she actually reaches out to him. We had actually been emailing and tweeting to like Nancy Amateur Steubenville girl and others, and so that is when Get Anonymous Involved came into play, and everybody is, Amateur Steubenville girl looking.

We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive.

Amateur Steubenville girl

We do not Amateur Steubenville girl. Expect us. This Anonymous threat leads to a kind of ongoing terrorism against a whole bunch of innocent parties, of whom Jane Hanlin was but one. The case is referred to the state attorney general. Hey Jane, my name is Scott.

Crowdsourcing Justice: The Truth Behind the Steubenville Rape | On the Media | WNYC Studios

And it actually starts to jeopardize the case that the state attorney general had built up to that point. Is there a sense now in the general Amateur Steubenville girl that the vigilantes were on the wrong track all along? The lasting impression was that there was some sort of small town cover-up to Amateur Steubenville girl the football team and yes, these boys may have ultimately been found guilty or, you know, at least held responsible in the juvenile system, that if it hadn't been for the internet vigilantes and the folks with Anonymous that they probably would have gotten away with it.

I think that's still the kind of vague impression five years Amtaeur.

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If you google Jane Hanlin, one of the top results, even to this day, is a petition to disbar her. Now, all of this internet hysteria, which did so much damage, began with Alexandria Goddard who, herself, was a victim of sexual assault, who felt she knew the Steubenville community pretty well and was righteous in her efforts to get to the bottom of things but she got to a false bottom.

How does she feel looking back Amateur Steubenville girl the, the terror that, that she unleashed? So she has a lot of regret, actually.

She says Amateug she rues the day she ever got in touch with Amateur Steubenville girl Lostutter, the guy with Anonymous.

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I mean, hacking is a federal crime. And, and I think she really thought she was doing the right Amateur Steubenville girl but there just came a point Amateur Steubenville girl it was really probably doing more harm than good. And I think she recognizes that now. But it's worth saying, Bob, within this maelstrom of misinformation, there was a real kind of genuinely authentic and pretty amazing coming together and empowerment of rape survivors.

And it seems like not that surprising now in a sort of MeToo Adult seeking casual sex Laramie Wyoming but I think then it was, it was a really big deal, especially in a place like Steubenville. My name is Kaley and at the age of 14 I was raped by a tall football player that I had a crush on. I thought he was Amateur Steubenville girl nice in the greatest city in the world…. In the most bitter irony, the prosecutor who actually solved the case, Jane Hanlin, is the one who ends up having to, you know, Amateur Steubenville girl out of state on the eve of the trial because of yet another death threat.

Derek John is a radio producer based in Chicago.

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Our technical director is Jennifer Munson. Katya Rogers is our executive producer. Brooke Gladstone will be back next week. By submitting your information, you're agreeing to receive communications from New York Public Radio in accordance with our Terms of Use.

NYPR Network. On the Media. Listen For MAateur Amateur Steubenville girl Us. Listen Segments Handbooks About Team.

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Hey, Bob, good to be back. I was furious. I was just, I was disgusted. And I wanted to give her a voice.

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We are Big Red. On three, one, two, three. And then Deric Lostutter really ramps up the pressure.

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Derek, thank you very much. Thank you so much. Hosted by Bob Garfield. Join our Mailing List.