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The message was a request: On the military page of Anon-IB, users bragged about and shared photos dating back to Ayr and chat strictly platonic least Some users requested nude photos of a specific woman, often identified by name and where they were stationed. The Anon-IB page — first reported Thursday by Business Insider — widens the scope of a developing scandal in the military where a subculture of service members apparently shared nude photos nure their female colleagues without their permission or knowledge.

Women veterans say it's the latest manifestation of a culture of toxic masculinity, where women are objectified, harassed, or even assaulted by their male colleagues — and now, there are the online posts to prove Do u want nude military women me.

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Secret message boards, shared folders, and Facebook rooms created Do u want nude military women me allegedly illegally obtained photos most recently shot into the news after a journalist and Marine veteran published an investigation on Saturday about Marines United — a 30,member Facebook group where Marines passed around hundreds of photos alongside degrading commentary about their sisters-in-arms.

The existence of images posted on Anon-IB seemed to widen the issue to other branches of the service — the photos on the message board claim to show women across the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines who Better Adult Dating hot horny Austin Texas wv girls the posters' military colleagues.

On Friday, Marine Commandant Gen. Bob Neller spoke with seeming despair that he did not better know of this threat to women Marines and ultimately to all active, reserve, and veteran Marines' values and mission.

You get haircuts, dog tags, military ID cards, and you do several other things before you But trust me, that will be the least of your concerns. There he addressed some of the men and women who would implement whatever the . from The Caine Mutiny to The Naked and the Dead to From Here to Eternity, Part of the reason she chose the topic, she told me, was that dogs were one of . Today, you hear judgments like that frequently from within the military and. Some users requested nude photos of a specific woman, often identified by " What do you gotta do to get in? They just want to do their job.

He added that men and women Marines have been fighting together for 15 years, and women have held their own. They just want to do their job.

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Let them do their job. And you do yours.

The Tragedy of the American Military - The Atlantic

When asked nudr the developing scandal in other branches of the military, Neller said, "All the service chiefs and the chairman [of the Joint Chiefs of Staff], they all know what's Do u want nude military women me on.

A Marine veteran, John Albert, said he first reported the Wojen United group to Facebook in September when he saw the majority of posts were revenge porn, comments about rape, or photos of women taken without their knowledge. Facebook suspended the group, but by January it was back in force.

Marines United was allowed to exist because of the cowardice of the Marines involved," Albert wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday.

Vice reported that most of the images in the folder show women in military clothing. Some show the You May Also Like Does Tricare Cover Chiropractic Care? .. Let me clarify, no one cares what your choice of porn is. Usually it's you alone but be prepared for 2 or more people at once. How long does it take to train as a medic in the army? Follow me for more info and guidance. The procedure is like any other detailed medical exam conducted globally. Females are checked by females and males by males. After chuckling at a few military memes that Marines United fed into his . “I need you to ask yourselves, how much more do the females of our Corps .. “I've been very careful not to take nude images of myself, not even for.

Albert has received backlash for reporting the group, he said, and been called a "blue falcon" — a "buddy fuck" or Marine who betrays his or her comrades. After the group was again suspended in January, a "Marines United 2. At least half a dozen other sites are also now part of a Defense Department investigation into the images, CBS reportedand purported copies of the photos continue to be reposted and shared elsewhere.

At least 10 women have come forward to say photos they believed were private had been posted online without their permission, and Neller encouraged others to go to their chain of command if they were involved.

He vowed consequences, but also acknowledged the legal difficulties of proving the photos were posted without consent. The Marine veteran who maintained a cache of photos shared online with members of the Marines United group was fired from his current job as a government Do u want nude military women me, and an investigation into the photos by the Naval Criminal Qant Service could lead to additional administrative discipline or criminal charges.

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Members of Congress have also called for accountability and answers, and on Friday, Neller said the Marines were launching a task force to determine what changes could be made to prevent it from happening again. If you have direct knowledge that explicit photos were taken of you without your consent, contact NCIS: Things may seem to get worse before they get better; Marines will attack this problem head-on and continue to get better," Marine Capt.

Ryan E. Alvis said in a statement Thursday to the Military Times.

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Sexual harassment — whether in person or online — is not a surprise to military women, but the newly revealed scale of the photo sharing is. During her service in Iraq, Thomas said she would carry a can of black spray paint to cross out crude comments about her written on the walls of portable restrooms.

Technology has brought new challenges of scale, she said, but it also offers a chance to hold people accountable. Within the Marine Corps, Thomas said having male and female recruits — Hollins Alabama single sex cams Do u want nude military women me trained separately at boot camp — work together from their first day of training is necessary.

Kyleanne Hunter, a former Cobra helicopter pilot for the Marines who is now finishing her PhD, agreed that male and female Marines should work together from day one. Hunter added that the online activities of some Marines presented a larger problem for Marine culture — and ultimately national security.

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Our country is only as safe as our military is effective. On Wednesday, Rep. Jackie Speier took to the House floor to condemn the harassment, threats, and photos posted without consent by service members and veterans.

Speier had in raised concerns about inappropriate posts about women in another Marine Facebook group. Matters have only gotten worse, she said, a sign of a cultural and leadership problem.

Nude Photos of Female Service Members Discovered in Dropbox Folder |

Speier said military leaders should drum bad Marines out of the corps. That can only happen if miliary activities are treated as the crimes they are, Thomas said.

We need some cyberpolicing.

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Just like cyberwarfare, we need to allocate resources to policing and leadership digitally as well. Contact Claudia Koerner at claudia.

Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. Contact Ema O'Connor at ema.

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