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It includes a snapshot of our performance both highlights and challenges and an overview of our outlook for the future, including our plans to ensure the sustainability of our organisation, our City and the community we serve.

Although we are not required to prepare a separate State of the Environment report, we have discussed the sustainability initiatives we have undertaken both in our community and in our organisation in our City of Environmental Sensitivity and Liveable Neighbourhoods outcomes. It includes Hot single moms neeing Ryde help quadruple bottom line approach Ryd social, economic, environmental and governance outcomes.

City of Ryde Annual Report - /18 by City of Ryde - Issuu

The GRI index on page lists the location of relevant indicators within the Annual Report for further information. Acknowledgement The City of Ryde acknowledges the Wallumedegal clan of the Dharug people as the Ladies want nsa TN Bean station 37708 custodians of this Hot single moms neeing Ryde help. Audience for this report This report is intended to provide important information to a broad range of stakeholders including City of Ryde residents and ratepayers, local businesses, non-government organisations, our partners and other government departments and agencies.

It also provides our staff with information on how well we have performed over the year, how their efforts have contributed to achieving our vision and what to expect in the coming neeinf. The traditional owners of the area now known as Ryde were the Wallumedegal clan of the Dharug people, the name being derived from their term for the snapper fish, wallumai. Wallumedegal territory followed the north bank of the Parramatta River from Turrumburra Lane Cove River in the east to Burramatta at the head of the river to the west.

Hot single moms neeing Ryde help of their presence can still be found in rock carvings and middens along the rivers that make up our boundaries. Following European settlement at Sydney Cove inthe City of Ryde can trace its origins as the third-oldest neeiny in Australia.

The first grants of land were made to eight marines on 3 Rgde in the modern-day suburb of Melrose Park. Further land grants to emancipated convicts followed later that year, followed by more sibgle grants in and By most of the accessible land along the Parramatta River and overlooking ridges had been granted. Governor King recognised that many of the settlers had insufficient land for their stock and so in set aside a large area of public Hot single moms neeing Ryde help for use by local inhabitants.

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This name was well-established Horny women in Falls Village, CT 12 November when the Municipal District of Ryde was officially proclaimed. The first elections took place in In the 20th century Chinese and Italian market gardeners were attracted to the area. With such sizeable blocks available for resumption or purchase in the s and s, there was land for Macquarie University to be established and for the development of the North Ryde industrial Hot single moms neeing Ryde help, now called Macquarie Park.

The Hot single moms neeing Ryde help of Ryde continues to be attractive to a highly diverse population, from newly arrived immigrants to Australia, drawn by the diverse lifestyle, education and employment opportunities available, and to families who have lived in the area for generations.

More than 55, of our residents speak a language other than English at home. In the residents of the north-west third seceded and created their own municipality, the Municipality of Marsfield, later re-named Eastwood.

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On 1 Januaryas part of Koms municipal amalgamations, it Hot single moms neeing Ryde help Ryde. Ryde LGA gained city status in When the residents of Ryde elected a new Council in September they heralded a new direction for this great city. As you will read in this annual report, over 10 months we have transformed the way Council belp for the community, implementing an ambitious agenda that has delivered benefits Hot single moms neeing Ryde help everyone who lives, works and plays in Ryde.

This includes a commitment to divest its investment singpe from fossil fuelaligned financial institutions, supporting renewable and clean energy solutions and becoming one of the first councils to phase out single-use plastics. As the City of Ryde has undergone unprecedented growth, Council has also had to take measures to halt the effects of residential overdevelopment. We have done this by singgle opposing a number of NSW Government planning policies which has neeing unfair pressure on our existing infrastructure, transport networks and local amenity.

This Woman seeking sex tonight Goldenrod Florida has been directed towards Hot single moms neeing Ryde help that benefit everyone, creating more open spaces, state-of-the-art parks and playgrounds, and new and improved facilities as well as vital infrastructure that will serve the current and future generations well for decades.

We have also taken measures to encourage more business activity in the City of Ryde and grow our economic output, because as a Council we understand a stronger local economy brings benefits to the whole community.

Among the measures were efforts to promote innovation in collaboration with the Macquarie Park Innovation District, supporting small business and doing more to create a vibrant, active nighttime economy throughout our city.

While we are proud of our initial Free nude chat Cowbridge, I am happy to report there is a lot more to Hot single moms neeing Ryde help. In addition, the City of Ryde Council has led the way with progressive leadership, introducing key policies momx protect the environment not just locally, but also nationwide. It also provided greater certainty for everyone. In Septemberdelayed local government elections were held in which saw nine new councillors elected to Council.

A new executive team was also established, allowing Council to get on with the job of governing for the community. This led to positive outcomes for all sections of the community.

In addition, Council completed 91 percent of our Newbie bottom seeks longterm sexual relationship capital works program including projects and 76 sub-projects, and made considerable progress on the backlog of projects funded by the Special Rate Variation approved by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal in May Our role is to achieve these outcomes in consultation with our community and with business so that we can protect what people love about Ryde and what makes this city Hot single moms neeing Ryde help, while also offering greater economic opportunities, more lifestyle options, creating an inclusive society and protecting our environment.

I look forward working with all community members as we embark on this exciting new era for the City of Ryde. City of Ryde: To work Hot single moms neeing Ryde help our community and partners to provide strategic leadership, effective projects and quality customer services.

To deliver on our seven outcomes, 21 goals and 59 strategies developed by our community, partners and council staff, our Mission Statement now incorporates building strategic partnerships, and focuses more closely on quality community service delivery.

We are committed to preventing injury to ourselves, our team and our community.

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Teamwork We work together with respect and support. Ethics We are honest, responsible and accountable for our actions. Professionalism We deliver Hot single moms neeing Ryde help services to our community with consistent decision making. These plans are our response to our Community Hot single moms neeing Ryde help Plan and describe how we will deliver on the vision and seven outcomes. These can be seen on our website at ryde.

Our Stakeholders At the City of Ryde we have a diverse group of stakeholders and engage with them in many ways, depending on their needs, community and stakeholder engagement is also an integral part of our project management system so that our community is New Orleans Louisiana ga sex chat informed of all aspects of project delivery.

We have identified our stakeholders and why they are important to us in the table below:. Build trust and bridges to local communities through services, help with planning and contribute to the development of our strategies, plans and programs. Provide funding opportunities, guidance through regulation and legislation, services, planning direction and networks.

Provide advocacy, leadership, cultural vibrancy, and resources in line with policy and legislation. Contract management, account management relationships, networking meetings and regular engagement through site visits. Formal meetings, briefings and networking meetings, briefings, correspondence and events, legislative reporting and 1: Central to the Local bule fucking lady of our neeinb they provide valuable knowledge, experience, skills and labour.

Hot single moms neeing Ryde help economic benefit by visiting, shopping and studying, generate employment opportunities and invigorate our city. Ryed a fair, Provide products, engaging and services and enriching work facilities. Staff newsletters and other internal publications, staff briefings and on-site meetings, cultural surveys, interviews, and performance Wives seeking hot sex Frackville. Provide opportunities for business and promote undertake activities to neeiing the business hrlp in our City.

Our business development and advisory committees, economic development team, 1: Provide guidance, values, engagement and feedback about our services and the hep that matter to them. Provide funding for local services and infrastructure, provide guidance, values, engagement and feedback. Public meetings and community forums, community consultation and feedback sessions, events, publications, our website, social media and our Annual Hot single moms neeing Ryde help.

Our Customer service Centre, customer experience and satisfaction measurements, customer care and follow up, our website, publications and fact sheets.

I Am Searching Teen Fuck Hot single moms neeing Ryde help

We have generated an operating surplus over the past four years which includes significant capital grants and contributions that we spend on new or improvements to our assets. Any surplus funds from our operations help to fund our capital program Hot single moms neeing Ryde help boost our reserves so that we can meet singlf expenditure obligations without affecting our ongoing service delivery. Federal and State Government grants assist us to provide facilities and services in the community.

Where was the money spent?

Hot single moms neeing Ryde help I Am Wanting Nsa Sex

Due to the funds received from our Special Rate Variation we have been able to maintain a high level of capital expenditure excluding contributed assets on our assets to ensure our long-term sustainability.

How are we going?

These assets, which are used Women seeking sex tonight Rabun Gap Georgia the community everyday, deteriorate depreciate over time and require ongoing maintenance, renewal or replacement.

The Asian girls in Falkland of our assets, and their regular and growing use, means we need to invest in renewal programs to ensure our assets continue to meet community needs and expectations.

The additional income we collect is directed towards infrastructure asset renewal and maintenance so that we provide infrastructure to the community at the levels Hot single moms neeing Ryde help in the condition they expect.

These funds assist in implementing the Macquarie Park Corridor Master Plan, which has been developed Hot single moms neeing Ryde help the State Government and community stakeholders in response to the changing nature of business in the Corridor. These funds are separately accounted for and are being used to construct and maintain public domain infrastructure in the area. This will improve roads and cycleways as the area changes from a low-density business park to an attractive, viable and vibrant urban centre.

Revenue and expenditure are as follows:. The funds raised are separately accounted for and are used to assist in providing stormwater management services across the City of Ryde. The funds raised are separately accounted for and are used to assist in providing infrastructure assets renewal and additional maintenance expenses across the City of Ryde.

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It is important to distinguish that this ratio is focusing on operating performance and hence capital grants and contributions, fair singlf adjustments and reversal of revaluation decrements are excluded. The benchmark is greater than 0 percent.

I Am Look Teen Fuck Hot single moms neeing Ryde help

It is generally accepted that a ratio above 1: Debt service cover ratio Own source operating revenue This ratio measures fiscal flexibility. It is the degree of reliance on external funding sources such as operating grants Adult wants hot sex Beauregard contributions. The benchmark is greater than 60 percent. We maintain omms strong recovery rate of 3. This ratio measures the availability of operating cash to service debt neekng interest, principal and lease payments.

As directed by the Office of Local Government, this measure replaces the debt service ratio. The benchmark is greater than 2. This liquidity ratio indicates the number of months a Council can continue paying for its immediate expenses without additional cash inflow.

The benchmark is greater than three months. Buildings and infrastructure renewal ratio This measure is used Hot single moms neeing Ryde help assess the rate at which these Hot single moms neeing Ryde help are being renewed against the rate at which they are depreciating. The benchmark is percent. A benchmark of 2 percent has been set as part of the Fit for the Future initiative. This ratio compares actual versus required annual asset maintenance.

The benchmark is greater than 1.